Turner River Rehabilitation Centre

A landmark initiative ….

Turner River Residential Rehabilitation Centre was funded by the Federal Government to provide a treatment option for people living in the Pilbara who want to do something positive about their drug and alcohol problems. 

The  facility is located at the Turner River, approximately 20km south of South Hedland. 

It is ideally located for vulnerable clients in addressing their personal struggle to deal with misuse of alcohol and other drugs. 

The Yaandina Family Centre runs the 24 bed facility that is suitable for individuals and mothers with small children. The treatment addresses all addictions and most controlled comorbid conditions. 

The Turner River Rehabilitation Facility program addresses addictive behaviours, reduces harm to the individual and families; it also assists the client to develop healthy lifestyle choices, encourages life skills development including work, training or employment options.  

The program requires an assessment for suitability from the referring agency, with the residential treatment option as the last resort for individuals with addiction problems.  

The program has different exit points from three months up to eighteen months for those individuals that require a half-way house situation to re-enter the wider community environment.

Each case is assessed on an individual basis.

For more information regarding the referral process or the Therapeutic Treatment Model please call the Intake Co-ordinator on 9172 4490 or visit the Contact Us tab on this Website